Jesse Goldswain: +352 661 863 599 - Christine MUNHOWEN +352 621 680 819
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120 Rue du Cimetière
L-8018 Strassen

Jesse Goldswain: +352 661 863 599

Christine Munhowen: +352 621 680 819

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Initial Consultation

“What is wrong?”

This is an opportunity for you to tell me what problems you are experiencing and where they potentially come from. In order to fully understand your problem we must have a good overall picture of your health and lifestyle; any potential barriers for treatment; and to give an approximate estimation of the direction to take the treatment.


“Can you help me?”

After a detailed discussion I will then perform a thorough examination of your entire body. This will involve neurological and orthopeadic tests as well as specific chiropractic examinations. You may remain fully clothed for the examination, unless we ask you to remove specific items of clothing that impede the examination. The examination is non-invasive and very comfortable.


“How long will it take?”

Once we have worked out where the problem is coming from I will discuss with you the direction we need to take in order to resolve the issue and prevent it from returning. There are 3 main factors that determine how quickly you will recover from your complaint

  • How long you’ve had the problem for. Chronic (greater than 3 months) problems have undergone structural and functional change that needs to be taken into account.
  • Your age and overall health. Patients with complex health problems respond less quickly to the changes we impose.
  • Your commitment to getting better. Missing appointments and avoiding the recommendations we give will contravene the results of treatment.

Normally, the initial consultation includes the first treatment. Once I am satisfied that the treatment is successful, we will discuss further treatments or procedures needed.

 Please visit the information page to find information regarding particular problems.

Everything that you disclose during your consultations is completely confidential with the strictest security of your patient records in our system.