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Jesse Goldswain: +352 661 863 599

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Babies and Children

childWhen a child is born, their nervous system is incredibly sensitive to change. This is a good thing as they need to learn essential life skills very quickly. We all come into the world with a hardwired set of reflexes that give us a fighting chance for survival. The assessment of these reflexes is a critical way of evaluating the proper function of a newborn baby’s nervous system.

Oftentimes due to difficult birthing methods or complications that arise either in-utero or during delivery, a child’s nervous system may become compromised.

Because your newborn child has no way to express their distress, there are important signs and symptoms to look out for that might suggest improper nerve function.

– Asymmetrical head shape

– Irritable child or incessant crying of unknown cause

– Weak sucking or difficulty breast feeding

– Baby doesn’t like lying on their back or front and has a tendency to favour a certain position.

– Head is fixed to one side or the spine is curved to one side.

“How would your baby tell you they have a headache?”

Our experience and training in paediatric chiropractic has shown the amazing benefits of having a child’s nervous system working normally and the incredible disability of birth related trauma.

For more information please contact us regarding your baby’s particular situation.